Services help life-long poet to become a published writer

November 21, 2017

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Corinne began writing poetry, as an escape, at the tender age of thirteen. She dreamed of getting her poetry published one day and providing hope to other individuals struggling with mental illness.

In 2015, Corinne gained the courage to put her dream into action. She reached out to a publishing company in New York, and sent them a manuscript with one-third of her writing from the past 20 years. She was surprised and thrilled when they approved her manuscript for publishing. But, the publishing company required that she pay a significant portion of her publishing cost.

At the time, Corinne was already struggling to pay her bills, and adding publishing expenses made it even harder to make ends meet.  Determined not to let her finances keep her from following her dreams, Corinne reached out to Goodwill’s Representative Payee Services. Program staff helped Corinne manage her limited finances so that she could pay rent and her bills, while also making payments to her publisher and putting money in savings.  It’s been over a year since Corinne published her first book, and she is now working on a second. She hopes that her poetry will continue to therapeutically help both herself and her readers. Corinne gives her sincere thanks to her team at Goodwill, saying, “Without the Payee team at Goodwill, I could not have accomplished this.”