Help a veteran family come home.

Supportive Services for Veterans Families is looking for more landlords who want to help veterans who are homeless in eastern Washington and north Idaho. In the booming housing market in our region, affordable housing is extremely limited for veterans who are living on a fixed income. In the first half of 2017, we have had close to 100 single veterans and veteran families waiting for weeks to get into an apartment or home.

You can help them come home!

Call 509-321-3348 to speak to a Landlord Liaison today.

SSVF Case Managers and Housing Specialists will partner with you every step of the way to make this a successful housing experience for the landlord and the veteran family. SSVF can provide to the veteran:

  • financial assistance (such as security deposits, rental assistance, assistance with utilities, assistance with move-in costs, etc.)
  • transportation assistance
  • referral to and assistance with Social Security and Serice Connected Disability claims
  • referral to medical and mental health services and benefits,
  • and others.

As a landlord, SSVF Housing Specialists are partners to help you with any challenges you may have, as well as to help the veteran tenant if they have questions or challenges to address with the landlord. We have worked with many landlords in the area. Watch this video to hear one landlord's experience housing more than 20 veterans with SSVF in the last 2 years.

Call an SSVF today to help a veteran family find a home.