Wes’s 10 Years of Success with Goodwill’s Employment Program

A man wearing a blue Goodwill vest is sitting in an office chair and smiling at the camera.

Wes is a determined and accomplished individual. He connected with Goodwill’s employment program over a decade ago through a service provided by his school. The service offers help to students who are about to graduate to get a jump start on their career and entering the workforce.

Triumphs and Dedication

Wes has always been involved in his community. He was a proud Eagle Scout and Senior Patrol Leader of a Boy Scout troop. And he was an Assistant Scout Master. And he began taking part in the Special Olympics during his junior year of high school. He competed in swimming, lawn bowling, and regular bowling.

Within the last year, Wes placed 2nd in swimming and was one of only 16 people chosen to go to State competition. He proves that he can achieve his goals if he puts his mind, focus, and determination to the task. He is a natural leader and strives to take the initiative toward success.

Lasting Friendships Through Community and Goodwill
A man wearing a blue Goodwill vest is sitting in an office chair and smiling at the camera.

Wes has developed lasting friendships through his involvement in his community and through his work at Goodwill. Goodwill has also helped Wes become more independent. His fellow team members put their full trust in him to keep things clean and tidy throughout the facility.

Commitment to Self-Improvement and Skill Development

He is also always working towards improving himself and his skills. Currently, he is putting a lot of effort into following two-step directions and accepting corrections without disagreeing. His job coach says Wes has shown great effort and improvement.

Through his determination and hard work, Wes has achieved so much since graduating from school a decade ago. And he continues to strive for more. His dedication to being the best he can be is an inspiration.

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