We’re working to build a better community, where each person experiences independence.

Each year, we help more than 6,000 people build independence through job training, job placement, and other individual and family services. Our programs offer rapid re-housing and case management services for veterans who are homeless, mentoring programs for at-risk youth, job training, skills assessment, resume development, and more. In the last five years, Goodwill has served more than 25,000 individuals in eastern Washington and northern Idaho.

As one of the largest charities in the region, our programs work in our back yard to improve the quality of life for thousands of men, women, and youth in eastern Washington and northern Idaho each year.

The sale of donated items in our retail stores provides the bulk of support for our programs locally. Out of every $1.00 earned from the sale of items in our retail stores and outlet, 85 cents funds our programs in your local community.

 Learn about the impact Goodwill made in our community.

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Goodwill helps people like Tommy become independent

Goodwill has helped change thousands of lives every year. Lives like Tommy's.

Tommy is an employee at the Moscow Goodwill store. He is employed through our Community Supported Employment Program and works one on one with a job coach. Despite only working at the store for four months, Tommy has shown immense improvement both in the workplace and at home. When Tommy first started working at Goodwill he was very nervous coming to work, but has blossomed as a person and an employee. Jessica, Assistant Manager at the Moscow store, said, “Tommy brings excitement to the workplace. Also, when he learns something new, he retains the information very well.”

Not only has Tommy succeeded in the store, but his mother has noticed extreme changes at home following his employment at the store. She said: “Tommy has been trying to learn organizational skills with his own books and movies for several years to no avail. He would place things wherever he felt without putting them in any specific order. However, since starting to work at Goodwill he has picked up those skills very, very quickly. I will often peek in on him and ask what he is doing and he will state, ‘I’m organizing my books like I do at work.’ Tommy uses his new skills at home every day.”

Tommy often says he loves his job and takes great pride in his accomplishments. He always works hard to receive a good paycheck. Tommy has a great affinity for action figures, comics and costumes. He loves to show off what he buys with his hard earned paychecks.