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Impact Report 2021:
  • A word from President/CEO Clark Brekke and Chair of the Board of Directors Bridget Barrington
  • How we help people build independence
Who we helped:
  • Who we served by age
  • Who we served by ethnicity
  • Who we served by gender
2021 Program Highlights:
  • Basic Food, Employment and Training: BFET connects Kevin with a job
  • Building Independence: 2021 Independence Award Winner: Toby
  • Building Financial Stability: Goodwill’s Representative Payee Program helped 1,252 in 2021.
2021 Program Highlights: Employment
  • Finding jobs in the community: Joshua finds a job he loves
  • 2021 Independence Award Winner: Ben
2021 Program Highlights: Housing
  • Housing and Essential Needs (HEN): Matthew works hard to shelter his family
  • Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF): Kohl uses help from SSVF to get stable housing for his family
  • Goodwill’s SSVF program awarded additional funding in 2021
How we helped the Environment in 2021

Introducing the 2021 Impact Report

A word from the President/CEO Clark Brekke

President/CEO Clark BrekkeWe are pleased to present our 2021 Workforce & Family Services annual Impact Report. This report reflects an ongoing commitment on our part to continuously improve Goodwill’s programs and services each year throughout the Inland Northwest. 

Staying true to continuous improvement, we took the opportunity to refresh our vision and mission statements last fall. Our goal is to foster a deeper understanding around Goodwill’s purpose-driven mission and create richer connections with program participants, community partners, and valued team members. Only when there are meaningful connections with what we believe and what we do, can we summon the best of our charitable intentions. 

Goodwill’s new vision statement is simple, but powerful: We believe in opportunities for all people. Building upon a fresh vision statement, our new mission statement connects our passion for creating opportunities with lives changed. Earlier this year, the board adopted a new mission statement for Goodwill: Together, we create opportunities that change lives and strengthen communities. 

We are asking for your feedback to help Goodwill change lives and strengthen communities. The feedback you provide is reported to our board of directors and it informs the strategic development of our programs and services throughout eastern Washington and northern Idaho. If you have input that you would like to offer, please contact Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest. Thank you for helping us help others with a hand up!

A word from the Chair of the Board of Directors Bridget Barrington

photo of Bridget Barrington

2021 proved to be a year of resilience, hope, and strategic improvements to the organization in a post pandemic world. We learned during the pandemic that we must be nimble and initiative-taking in all aspects of our business. 2021 was a strong reminder to all of us how important Goodwill is to the mission of serving those that need a hand up.

Goodwill is an inclusive organization that serves with passion, enthusiasm, and integrity. Team members have opportunities to serve community members that come to us for help every day. Our team members are stronger and better positioned to elevate individuals within our community that rely on our services.

We broke ground on our newest building project in Airway Heights which proves our ongoing Investment of creating opportunities to further advance the mission of Goodwill. Thanks to the continuous support of donors, customers, and Goodwill team members, we will continue to meet people in the circumstance they are in.

On behalf of the Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest Board of Directors, we congratulate all team members on your commitment and dedication. We are proud of each of you!  

How we help people build independence

Case Management
and Intensive Support



Basic Assistance and Support



Intensive Job Placement Assistance



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