Foundational Community Supports

Foundational Community Supports (FCS) helps people who have extreme problems finding stable housing and employment. People who participate in this program must qualify for Medicaid. FCS staff can help with housing and job searches. They can help you connect with property managers and employers in the com-munity. They can teach you tools to help you be more successful at work. They can help you be housed independently and more.

Where is this available?
Who can get this help?
How do I get this help?

Asotin, Grant, Spokane, and Whitman counties

People that are Medicaid eligible and have a diagnosed health need or are homeless with a disability. Health needs include mental health care or substance abuse care. 

Spokane County:
Call 1-509-514-0688

Grant County:
Call 1-509-514-3023

Asotin and Whitman counties:
Call 1-509-904-7001

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