Helping the environment.

Goodwill is helping improve our communities through an impact on people, the economy, and the environment.

Helping the Environment

In 2022, we protected our environment by keeping more than 24.2 million pounds of material — stuff other people might have thought of as waste — out of area landfills.

We work to find value in as much material as possible. So when items are donated to us that cannot be sold in our stores, we send them to the Outlet for another chance at sales. From there, unsold items are processed for salvage and recycling. The landfill is the last option — in part because spending money to throw things in the ground takes away from funding our programs, AND we also take to heart our founder’s vision: “Let there be no waste of people or things.” Edgar J. Helms

We work with local recycling programs, salvage operators, state e-cycling programs, and hazardous waste programs to protect our environment.

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