How Shopping Helps

When you shop at any of our stores or online, you are helping people in our local communities and the environment.

Out of every dollar in sales at our stores and online shopping sites, 85 cents goes to support Goodwill’s services in eastern Washington and north Idaho. With those funds, we are serving thousands of people through our programs each year. Your purchases are helping people get training to build job skills that help them get stable jobs. You are helping people get into stable housing. You are helping people become more financially stable and independent.

You’ve probably been asked if you want to “round-up” when you are buying something at Goodwill. Those round up funds go into restricted accounts that help our programs serve needs that fall outside the scope of our regular programs. In the last few years, your extra change has helped so many people, with items ranging from a pair of glasses, to car repairs so they can get to work, to a sleeping bag, to fees for licensing needed to get a job. And everything in between.

Every one of our customers, and donors, are part of the life-changing work. You are part of the stories behind our stores. Because of you, lives are being changed every day.

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