Doubling the good for local fire victims

Goodwill customers donate more than $15,000 to help local Red Cross; Goodwill matches donations for total gift of more than $30,000

(Spokane, WA) – In a show of support for victims of recent fires in our region, local Goodwill customers donated $15,110.42 in a Round Up campaign at Goodwill stores to support local disaster response by the American Red Cross Greater Inland Northwest chapter. Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest matched its customers’ donations and presented a check to the Greater Inland Northwest Red Cross totaling $30,220.84 on September 14.

Clark Brekke, President/CEO of Goodwill, and several other Goodwill team members presented the check to Lacie Clark, Executive Director of the Greater Inland Northwest Chapter of American Red Cross, and George Dresnek, Disaster Response Operation Director at the Chapter’s headquarters in Spokane.

“We so much appreciate the local Red Cross and what they do for our citizens, and how quickly they respond,” said Clark Brekke, President/CEO of Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest as he presented the check to Lacie Clark and George Dresnek.

The leadership team at Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest met August 21 to plan ways Goodwill could support people impacted by the Oregon and Gray fires. Goodwill reached out to staff at the local Red Cross to see if financial support from a Round Up campaign would be helpful.

“Red Cross is one of the organizations in our community that specializes in response to natural and other disasters, and we wanted to provide help as they do their work,” said Heather
Alexander, Sr. Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest.

Goodwill promoted to its customers in eastern Washington and north Idaho that all Round Up donations collected in their stores between August 22 and September 4th would be matched by Goodwill and then donated to the Greater Inland Northwest Chapter of Red Cross. In that two-week span, more than 30,000 Goodwill customers donated a total of $15,110.42 to the campaign. Goodwill then matched those gifts.

“We have the best customers and donors” said Brekke. “They showed their heart for their community with these donations. Thank you for donating to help your community in this time of disaster!”

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