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News & Events
New Goodwill Gift Cards
A new way to give the gift of thrift, we are excited to announce the ...
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A woman is smiling at the camera. Programs
Kerri’s Life Changes Since Skill-Building and Growth with Goodwill
Navigating Stress and Uncertainty Kerri’s life used to be full of stress and uncertainty. She ...
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A woman is sitting at a table and putting something on a clear plastic hanger. Programs
From Disaster to New Hope: Goodwill’s Support for Emma
Emma has been an important part of our team at the Coeur d’Alene Goodwill store ...
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Three small American flags are in focus in the foreground with an out of focus gradient in the background. This image is for decoration. Programs
Empowering Triumph: Ray’s Ride to Success with Goodwill’s Help
After being forced into early retirement due to health concerns, Ray had to close his business and struggled financially. Living off his Social Security wasn't ...
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A woman taking a selfie. Programs
Renee’s Cancer-Free Victory with a Hand-Up from Goodwill
When life got really hard for Renee, she didn’t give up. First, she lost her ...
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A hand outstretched in a helpful manner. Programs
Sage’s Hope Restored With Employment Support From Goodwill
Sage struggled with a lot of stress, threats of eviction, and no money for food. ...
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A long-haired, bearded man with glasses is holding up a Google Data Analytics certificate. Programs
Google Digital Career Accelerator: New Opportunities at Goodwill
Meet Dan, a dedicated member of Goodwill’s Retail Operations Team. He wanted to do more ...
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News & Events
Holiday Hours
Happy holidays! Goodwill will be operating with holiday hours on the following dates and times: ...
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A close up of a group of American Flags in faded sunlight. Programs
From Prison to Peace: How Goodwill Helped Change Tim’s Life
“I’ve got a place to lay my head that I can call my own. That’s ...
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A man wearing a hat is standing next to a red door and holding a set of keys on one hand and a stack of papers in the other. Programs
Tony’s Triumph: Surviving Addiction and Homelessness with Goodwill’s Support
In 2015, Tony moved to Spokane, Washington, looking for a fresh start. But things didn’t ...
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News & Events
Ponderay Goodwill 15th Anniversary Holiday Celebration
Ring in the holidays with us at our Ponderay Goodwill store on Friday, December 8th! ...
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A woman wearing a yellow shirt and a zip-up vest is tossing textiles into a bin in a production area. Programs
Amanda: A Special Person With a Joyful Spirit
Amanda is an amazing person who proves that disabilities don’t limit who you are. Even ...
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A set of two doors partly open with light shining through the other side. Programs
Unlocking Opportunities: How Goodwill Opened Doors For Noah
Noah was fresh out of high school and looking for his first job. He was ...
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A page with text, the word "recovery" is being highlighted by a pink highlighter. Programs
How Goodwill Helped Shane Overcome Addiction and Reclaim His Life
Shane had a difficult time throughout his life, moving from state to state and struggling ...
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News & Events
Coeur d’Alene store 50% off sale and remodel closure date.
It’s time for a face lift for our Coeur d’Alene, Idaho retail store, donation center, ...
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Tis the Season-Winter Holiday’s in Stores Now!
It’s the most wonderful time of year, our winter holiday promo! Find Christmas trees, wreaths, ...
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A Home for Healing: Goodwill’s Role in Josh’s Recovery
Josh had a difficult time with addiction. After years of struggling with substance abuse, he ...
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News & Events
Goodwill Boo-tique at Halloween X-Spo
On Saturday, October 14th, stop by the Goodwill Boo-tique in the lobby of the Halloween ...
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News & Events
Winter Gear and Tent Event
Are you ready for winter? Join us next Saturday, September 30th from 9 AM to ...
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News & Events
Doubling the good for local fire victims
Goodwill customers donate more than $15,000 to help local Red Cross; Goodwill matches donations for total gift of more than $30,000.
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