Jim works hard to support his team

Before coming to Goodwill, Jim didn’t have a job. He enrolled in Goodwill’s job placement services to get help finding a job.

Goodwill helped Jim look for work that would meet his needs and interests. He created a resume and cover letter with the help of a Goodwill employment specialist and applied for a job at Papa Murphy’s.

When Papa Murphy’s called Jim for an interview, Goodwill staff helped him practice so he could be more confident. An employment specialist went to the interview with Jim.

Papa Murphy’s hired Jim in a part-time food prep position in April 2019. Over the past year, Jim has continued working with a job coach to improve his job skills and learn how to keep up with his team’s work pace. The team at Papa Murphy’s describes Jim as dependable and likeable.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Washington, the restaurant had to lay off several people. But Jim was able to keep his job. He had to learn to be more efficient and faster at prepping food. He felt the responsibility, and it fueled his desire to be better team member.

Jim’s confidence has grown a lot, thanks to the encouragement and trust of his Papa Murphy’s manager and coworkers.

“Without Goodwill, my life would be difficult,” Jim says. His job at Papa Murphy’s has given him income he is proud of. “I am able to buy the things I want to buy and go do more things.”

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