Lourdes Finds Housing Help, Training at Goodwill

Digital Learning

Life was stressful, confusing, and painful for Lourdes. Domestic violence forced her to leave her home. She came to Goodwill for help and found the Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) program. They helped her get into a new apartment, but the help didn’t stop there.
Lourdes built her digital skills with classes in basic computer use, Windows 10, Internet, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, email, and online job applications.
“I would like to become a school counselor and the digital skills classes helped me further my knowledge,” she said. “It was difficult, but it was fun. You made it fun!”
As a result of Goodwill’s help, Lourdes said she can focus on doing other things with her new-found knowledge without the stress of homelessness. “I connected with more counselors and am completing homework tasks,” she said. “Without Goodwill, my life would be more difficult.”

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