Robert Makes Housing Stability for His Family with SSVF

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Robert and his wife had been living in Montana wanted to live closer to family. They found a rental in Idaho and picked up and moved their full family, including a young child.
After they arrived in Idaho, the unit fell through, and the family became homeless. Their extended family were unable to help them with housing or money.
Goodwill’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program provided Robert’s family with a hotel until they could get their own place. Goodwill covered their move-in costs, emergency groceries, and gasoline. Goodwill also provided property manager mediation and covered the cost of applying for rental units. The SSVF program was also able to purchase beds for the children and a move-in kit consisting of essential household items.
Robert and his wife were deeply involved in the process and worked hard to find housing. Their dedication made a huge difference. They were able to get a brand-new three-bedroom unit that had just been completed the week before they moved in. The family was ecstatic. Their new housing was spacious and located in a community that would be perfect for their kids.
Furthermore, the family qualified for and received a HUD-VASH voucher for their rental unit. With help from Goodwill, this veteran family went from homeless to having stable housing.
Robert and his wife said that without Goodwill, they would still be homeless. It’s hard to find a unit in the current housing market.
Grateful for the help they’ve received, Robert and his wife are eager to share their Goodwill story. They want other veterans to know that they can get help at Goodwill.

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