Team member, Donzell, illustrates new children’s book

Donzell is currently a production associate at our downtown Spokane location. He has been a local staple with his art for many years. You’re sure to see his creations around town, from business logos to murals and sculptures.

He began his artistic journey in the 6th grade where he had his very first art show. Art has always been an important piece of Donzell’s life. His first job was a freelancing artist and designer. He sketched and designed a wide variety of subjects, like shoes, rings, and other fashions.

From there, he turned his talents to graphic design and illustrating for advertisements. This experience lead him to be a Director of Photography, Director and Producer for television commercials and then owning his own advertising business. Donzell’s latest artistic achievement is illustrating for a children’s book that has been published.

Local author, Linda Stephens, reached out to Donzell with her book idea. Donzell took those ideas and created the entirety of visuals to capture readers with his style. You can check out Donzell’s work by picking up a copy of “Johnny McPhee was a Green Little Weed” by Linda Stephens.

An ethnic man is sitting on a blue couch in an office, holding a children's book and smiling at the camera.

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