2020 Independence Award Winner: Johanna

When Johanna returned to work in September 2020, she and her job coach agreed it was time for her to work more independently. Johanna has been with Goodwill for four years and knows the work like the back of her hand. She was, therefore, able to assume responsibility for choosing what work took priority. She was also able to move from task to task, asking other Goodwill team members for help when she was unsure about a task. Her job coach was there to offer any support, but Johanna basically integrated herself into the work environment. Johanna is very proud that she is a part of the team! The team is proud of Johanna for taking risks, asserting her independence, and doing a great job!

Johanna’s parents recently sent a letter to Goodwill. They wrote that Johanna’s employment at Goodwill has been life-changing for their family. “Having a job and earning a paycheck is something Johanna is very proud of,” Mary and Stephan wrote. “We know, however, that her job at Goodwill has had benefits far exceeding a paycheck. She has developed and grown in many ways, including communication, organization, and persistence…. We are so proud of Johanna and how much she has grown in and through her work, and we are equally grateful to Goodwill Industries for the opportunities it has given her.”

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