Amanda: A Special Person With a Joyful Spirit

A woman wearing a yellow shirt and a zip-up vest is tossing textiles into a bin in a production area.

Amanda is an amazing person who proves that disabilities don’t limit who you are. Even though she is nonverbal and has difficulty with some things, Amanda’s personality is still bright and shines through. She’s funny, smart, and has a family that loves her very much. Amanda reminds us that it’s important to be proud of who we are and to not let anything hold us back.

She is a friendly and energetic person who everyone loves to be around. Even though she has some challenges, her smarts and funny jokes make her special. Her family often shares heartwarming stories about her, like the time she set the table for dinner. Amanda secretly put the plates upside down, and when they sat down to eat, she giggled and clapped. Her playful and joyful personality makes everyone happy when she’s around.

Amanda’s Journey at Goodwill

Since mid-2017, Amanda has been a part of the Goodwill community. She helps out by taking tags off clothes and organizing books. Amanda enjoys working with clothes because she loves fashion. But what really makes her happy is being around her coworkers. They make her feel important and appreciated. She feels good when she’s at Goodwill and always looks forward to going back.

The Power of Independence

A woman wearing a yellow t-shirt and a zip-up vest is standing in a production area and looking off into the distance.

Amanda feels really good about working. It makes her feel strong and independent. When she has a chance to make a choice at work, she takes it and feels good about being responsible. She also takes care of her things at home and is proud of that. One day, when she wanted to go to work, she was told it wasn’t a work day for her and felt sad. This shows how much she likes working and being independent.

Amanda’s story reminds us that even when we face challenges, our spirit and ability to find happiness and meaning in life are what really matter. Amanda is a happy person who loves talking to others and works hard at Goodwill. She doesn’t give up, even when things are tough. By looking at how Amanda lives her life, we can learn to appreciate everyone’s special qualities and be proud of what makes us strong.

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