Goodwill helps Amy find a job she’s passionate about

A girl wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue lanyard and glasses smiles at the camera. She stands in between racks of clothing.

Amy was finishing her last year of high school. She was excited to find a job and begin adult life. But finding a job on her own was tough. She learned that the job market was competitive. And she didn’t know what skills she had and where those skills might fit in. She knew she needed a helping hand. So she turned to Goodwill for support.

She learned about a program called the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). This program helps people who are between the ages of 18 and 21 years old. A Goodwill job coach will work alongside someone while they learn and become confident in their job duties. Support may include help with learning about a new workplace, communicating with coworkers, and problem-solving. The program also helps people understand paychecks and develop a workflow.

Assessing skills and abilities

She learned how to meet employers and share her employment goals, skills, and abilities. Then, she enrolled in the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) program. This program helps people in similar ways as DDA. But this program offers a hands-on job assessment at Goodwill. This assessment helps people learn what skills they have and what skills they may need to develop in the workplace. And this was exactly what Amy needed.

Landing the right job

Her biggest employment goal was finding a job in her community where she could garden or be in arts and crafts. After discovering her skills through the DVR job assessment, Amy was referred back to DDA for her job placement. A DDA employment specialist helped her apply to jobs she had an interest in. Then Amy got a job at her favorite crafts store. She was thrilled to get a job in her community and a place where she found so much joy shopping.

Amy has a kind and bubbly personality. Her attitude brings happiness to anyone in her presence. She’s a great team member and an asset to her employer. She’s thankful for all the support she got from Goodwill. “With Goodwill, my life is good and great.”

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