Google Digital Career Accelerator: New Opportunities at Goodwill

A long-haired, bearded man with glasses is holding up a Google Data Analytics certificate.

Meet Dan, a dedicated member of Goodwill’s Retail Operations Team. He wanted to do more for his team and grow as an individual. So, he started his journey to develop his skills and knowledge. He discovered the Digital Literacy program and found something that sparked his interest. He learned about The Google Digital Career Accelerator Certification Program. This program gives out scholarships for Coursera’s Grow with Google certificate program. One course stood out to him—Data Analytics.

Exploring New Horizons and Talking the Leap

Dan was determined to take his role at Goodwill to the next level. So, he took the leap and enrolled in the Data Analytics course. Although it had been fifteen years since Dan last enrolled in a class, he did it anyway. Each section of the course had its challenges. But with each section he completed, his confidence grew.

Progress and Insights

As Dan learned more, he saw how different programs could help him with his work. The course gave him a lot of useful information. He was excited to think about how he could use his new knowledge to help different areas of the Goodwill organization.

Achievement Unlocked

Dan successfully completed the Data Analytics Certification Course through the Google Digital Career Accelerator Program. And he proudly got his certificate. Now, he can use his new skills to help even more at Goodwill.

Dan’s love for gaining knowledge and new skills hasn’t stopped. He was so pleased with the course that he wants to take more courses for the future. He’s excited for the new things he can learn and how he can use new skills.

Dan’s story shows that Goodwill offers opportunities for people to grow and learn. By taking the Data Analytics course, he expanded his skills. And it shows Goodwill’s commitment to nurturing employee’s potential.

Without Goodwill’s help, Dan would not be as data analytical. “Now I have new opportunities for growth in my current role, as well as future opportunities…”

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Want to learn more about the Google Digital Career Accelerator program? Click here.

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