Jayme gained better computer skills & tech knowledge with Goodwill’s help

A woman's hands are min-motion on a laptop keyboard. Another woman's hands are holding a cell phone.

Jayme found the digital world difficult to keep up with. She used her mobile phone for her internet needs. But her vision wasn’t the best and she had to strain her eyes to see anything on such a small screen. She tried to find an affordable computer but didn’t have the income to buy a new one.

She found information around her community about a Goodwill program that helps people with technology. The Goodwill Connect program helps people with using a computer, finding affordable and quality internet services, and building computer skills. In a digitally advancing world, Jayme knew she needed help to keep up.

Reaching out for a helping hand

So, she called the Goodwill Connect hotline number (844-GWCONNECT) and spoke with a digital navigator. The navigator listened to Jayme’s needs. Then, Jayme discovered that she was eligible to get a free Google Chromebook. But she was concerned about learning the computer. She wasn’t very confident with technology. But the navigator told her there was one-on-one help available. This eased her concerns. So, Jayme signed up for a device gifting event.

She visited Goodwill and personally met with the program’s navigator. There, she got a laptop with accessories like a case, headphones, and a mouse. And she learned how to set up the computer and connect to the internet. The navigator gave her a list of free WI-FI areas in the community. That way, Jayme can get connected on the go.

All of Jayme’s questions were answered and all her concerns were addressed. She started to feel more confident. She was most happy with a larger screen! She didn’t have to strain her eyes to read such small text. And the navigator told her to reach out at the hotline number for free tech support anytime she needs it.

Since getting help from Goodwill, Jayme has better computer skills, tech knowledge, and self-confidence. She said, “Goodwill has helped me a lot!”

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