Jim gets a job and builds relationships with help from Goodwill

Jim was lonely. He felt shy and struggled to make friends. When he was around groups of people, Jim had difficulty taking part in conversations or speaking up at all. 

After getting some help from Goodwill, Jim moved away in 2016. When he came back in 2018, he knew where to find help getting a job: Goodwill! 

He enrolled in the program run by the Developmental Disabilities Administration. Goodwill helped him build a resume and cover letter. Then he got help filling out applications and practicing for interviews. Finally, his Goodwill case manager took him into the community to talk to potential employers. 

Goodwill helped Jim get a job at Papa Murphy’s. He started working there in March 2019. Since that time, Jim has made close ties with his fellow teammates. They invite him to movies and team outings.  

Now Jim has more self-confidence. He is more comfortable making new friends. He is self-assured and is more comfortable talking when in a group of people. He banters with his coworkers while working. He follows professional guidelines well and shows a lot of self-awareness.  

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