Kerri’s Life Changes Since Skill-Building and Growth with Goodwill

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Navigating Stress and Uncertainty

Kerri’s life used to be full of stress and uncertainty. She spent a lot of time looking for a job. But her money was running out, and things were getting tough. Kerri felt stuck and didn’t have many choices. Financial struggles were making her life really hard.

A Path to New Opportunities

Determined to improve her situation, Kerri turned to Goodwill for support. She wanted to improve her skills and find more job options. So, she met with Goodwill’s Digital Literacy Instructor and joined free classes. She learned about a partner program called the Google Digital Career Accelerator. Kerri set her sights on getting a Google certification in Project Management. This would open more job opportunities for her. Kerri also took other classes to brush up on her office computer skills. Soon enough, Kerri earned her Google Project Management certification. She felt ready to enter the professional world.

A Positive Change

With her new skills and certification, Kerri’s life took a positive turn. “[Life is] definitely more positive,” she said. The support from Goodwill allowed her to focus on other things beyond the financial worries that used to stress her out. Kerri proved to herself that she still had a sharp and capable mind. She then got a job as a receptionist at a senior living facility. This not only brought financial stability but also allowed her to contribute to the community.

Looking Back

Summing up her experience before connecting with Goodwill, Kerri described it in one powerful word: “stressful.” But with Goodwill’s support, Kerri’s story turned into one of resilience, learning, and success.

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