Michael’s family gets a new home in time for Christmas

Michael, who is a veteran of the Navy, Kendal, and their four children were living in a camper trailer. It was so crowded that the couple had to sleep head-to-toe to fit on a converted futon. The family includes a 7-year-old, two 4-year-olds and a 2-year-old. Every night, they crowded into the bed and slept on the bench.
Winter chill crept in through the windows, the door, and the poorly insulated walls. A small portable heater fought to keep the family warm but was hopelessly outmatched by the unrelenting cold. Moisture and mold were a constant problem. Michael and Kendal spent time each day scrubbing surfaces, but mold kept coming back, worsening the health conditions of their young children.

With Goodwill’s support, Michael and Kendal’s family moved into a spacious and clean apartment in north Spokane. The couple had hoped to celebrate Christmas with their children in their own home with presents under a tree. The family and the new property manager worked hard to get the family into their new home three days before Christmas.

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Goodwill provided move-in items such as a large bed for Michael and Kendal, bedding, cleaning supplies, a vacuum, a microwave, and necessary household supplies. Beds for the children were provided by their extended family.

Michael and Kendal love life in their new apartment. The children are very happy being able to spread out and get a bit rambunctious indoors. Michael started a new full-time job and has been promoted already, and Kendal is working on long-term plans including nursing school and getting back to work as a caregiver. Now that their home is healthy and stable, the family can move forward and plan for the future.

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