One job turns into two for Lindsey

Lindsay will soon celebrate eight years with Papa Murphy’s

Update: 5/11/2020

On June 28, 2020, Lindsey will celebrate eight years as an employee at Papa Murphy’s. Through the COVID crisis, she has continued to work there. She keeps a positive attitude, always.

Lindsey also worked for Sodexo on campus at Gonzaga University, until March 2020. When Washington State Governor Inslee enacted “Stay Home” orders for the state, Sodexo closed its doors for the remainder of the school year. Lindsey is eagerly looking forward to the day when Gonzaga and Sodexo reopen, which may be as soon as August 2020.

Original Story, 1/30/2017:

One job turns into two for Lindsey

Lindsey came to Goodwill through a partnership with the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, looking for help in her search for long-term meaningful employment.

Goodwill’s community supported employment program helps people with barriers find jobs with employers in the community. A job coach works with the individual on site to help the transition, gradually reducing the amount of time their help is needed.

Lindsey’s Goodwill job coach helped her get a job with Sodexo in the cafeteria at Gonzaga University. She has been working part-time at Gonzaga since 2010.

In 2012, Lindsey was ready for more challenge, so Goodwill turned to Papa Murphy’s, one of our community employment partners. Patrick McCabe owns two Papa Murphy’s restaurants in Spokane. In a recent interview, Patrick shared that the experience of hiring Goodwill participants has taught he and his team members a lot. Lindsey has become one of Patrick’s longest-term employees, and is a valuable member of her team. When a minor injury took Lindsey out of work for a few weeks, her manager says they really felt her absence, and were glad when she was able to come back to work.

Between her jobs at Papa Murphy’s and Sodexo, Lindsey typically works six days a week. Her co-workers and managers say she is a great member of the team. Her attention to detail helps them provide great service. She is reliable, friendly to customers, and always has a smile on her face.

Lindsey has been working at Papa Murphy's since 2012.
Lindsey has been working at Papa Murphy’s since 2012.

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