Renee’s Cancer-Free Victory with a Hand-Up from Goodwill

When life got really hard for Renee, she didn’t give up. First, she lost her husband. And then her doctor told her she had stage 3 cancer. Things were tough, and she ended up living in her car. Renee knew she needed help. So, she decided to move to Spokane to start fresh.

Seeking Help and Turning to Goodwill
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Renee needed to get healthy. She needed to have an important surgery. But her doctor couldn’t approve the surgery unless she had a stable place to heal. So, in April of 2023, Renee asked Goodwill for help. Goodwill’s Workforce & Family Services put her in touch with the right program to help her get stable housing.

She met with a specialist in the Foundational Community Supports (FCS) program. The specialist helped Renee fill out paperwork and apply for a housing voucher. This opened up more affordable housing options for her.

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Even though Renee didn’t have much money and was waiting for approval for extra help, she stayed determined. Finally, in September, she got the good news that she was chosen for the housing voucher. Even before she had the voucher, Renee worked really hard to find a home. Then, she discovered a nice apartment in Cheney, Washington.

Because Renee needed urgent surgery, the property manager let her move in early. In October, Renee had that important surgery. But she developed complications. So, she had to have another surgery at the end of the month. She spent almost the whole month away from her new home. But even with these challenges, Renee didn’t give up.

In early December, Renee got life-changing news – she was cancer-free! Her bravery and strength were an inspiration to everyone around her.

Grateful for Goodwill: A Lifesaving Partnership

Renee couldn’t have done it without Goodwill by her side. Goodwill’s part in getting her the housing voucher gave her the chance to have the surgery she needed. And that saved her life. Renee is thankful for Goodwill’s constant support during her hardest times.

Throughout her journey, Renee worked closely with her housing specialist. The specialist’s strong commitment and encouragement helped Renee a lot, making her feel supported every step of the way.

A Cancer-Free Victory

Renee’s story shows how being strong and getting help can make a difference. Even when life is really tough, Renee proved that with determination and the right support, even the hardest problems can be solved. Her journey teaches us to keep hope alive because even in the darkest of times, there’s always a bit of light.

If you need help, let Goodwill offer a hand up. Learn more about our programs and fill out a services form here.

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