Sage’s Hope Restored With Employment Support From Goodwill

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Sage struggled with a lot of stress, threats of eviction, and no money for food. It seemed impossible for them to find a job that would accommodate them. They felt lost, not knowing where to turn. But then Sage found help at Goodwill through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) program.

Sage went to Goodwill for a work assessment as part of the DVR program. There, they discovered that Goodwill was a place where they could learn different skills that could help them get a job. They learned retail skills such as working as a cashier, stocking items, and organizing. And they learned how to work in the production area, where they sorted and tagged clothing.

Goodwill helped Sage in another way, too. Goodwill helped Sage fill out an application for food stamps. This helped them get the groceries they needed.

Hard Work Pays Off

Sage quickly learned the skills taught at Goodwill and showed great customer service. Their hard work did not go unnoticed. After only a few weeks, they impressed the Goodwill store managers, who then offered them an interview. This new opportunity filled Sage with joy.

A Fresh Start

Sage’s learning, dedication, and great customer service skills earned them a job as a cashier at Goodwill. Now, they proudly say that they are employed and a part of the Goodwill team.

With the help of Goodwill’s DVR program, Sage found hope. They learned valuable job skills and got help with their basic needs. Through hard work and determination, they secured employment as a cashier. Thanks to Goodwill, Sage’s life has taken a positive turn, and they now have a brighter future ahead. Their story is an inspiration to others facing similar challenges, reminding them to never give up and to seek out the support and opportunities available through Goodwill.

Learn more about our employment programs here.

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