Sarah Finds Purpose and Pride with Goodwill

Sarah’s journey with Goodwill began when she was in high school. She started working at Goodwill in the Sandpoint/Ponderay area of Idaho. She found herself drawn to the atmosphere that Goodwill offered. It felt like the right fit for her. Goodwill wasn’t just a job—it became a big part of her life.

Later on, Sarah moved to the Moscow, Idaho area and joined Goodwill again in 2016. She’s been with Goodwill for over twenty years now. Goodwill has been a big influence on who Sarah is today.

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Finding Purpose at Goodwill

Sarah’s sister says Goodwill has given her a reason to get up in the morning. Working at Goodwill makes her really happy. Before joining Goodwill, Sarah struggled with depression and finding direction in her life. Goodwill helped her gain independence and a sense of purpose.

Proud Moments at Payday

When Sarah gets her paycheck, she feels really proud. She looks at it carefully and smiles. Seeing how much she earned makes her feel like she accomplished something big. “I did that!” she says.

Life Beyond Goodwill

Besides working at Goodwill, Sarah spends time at Opportunities Unlimited Inc. (OUI). There, she does activities and socializes with other people. She lives semi-independently with roommates. She has household responsibilities, like vacuuming and shopping. And she takes the bus by herself to and from her programs.

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Enjoying Simple Pleasures

Sarah loves to spend time with her family. They go to church together every Sunday and celebrate special occasions. And she has fun watching movies, reading, writing, and coloring. But what she loves most is food.

A Journey to Healthier Living

Sarah realized she needed to take better care of her health. With her sister’s help, she made changes to her diet and lifestyle. Her efforts paid off—she lost eighty pounds. And she still enjoys food in a healthy way.

A Happy Ending

Every day at Goodwill is a good day for Sarah. She feels proud of what she does there. Her story teaches us that finding something we love to do can make a big difference in our lives.

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