Sophia finds support for her passion from Goodwill’s Connect program

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Sophia was writing a book. It was hard for her to make progress at an efficient pace because her computer wasn’t reliable. She had many technical issues with it. She didn’t want to give up writing. But she struggled to find the patience she needed to work on her beat-up laptop.

What she really needed was a new, working computer. But she didn’t have the income to buy one. So she started researching what help she could get. Then she came across information about the Goodwill Connect program. She learned that the program’s goal is to help people get access to a computer and the internet.

Sophia wasn’t sure if she would qualify for this type of help. She technically had a computer. But it was ready to stop working at any moment. So she figured she would at least call and tell them her situation. If they couldn’t help, maybe they could suggest other resources.

Taking the first step to greater independence

So Sophia called the hotline number (844-GWCONNECT) and spoke with a digital navigator. Once the program’s navigator learned about Sophia’s struggles, they told her she was eligible to receive a free Chromebook. Sophia was excited and in disbelief. When she learned about the Goodwill gifting event, she signed up at once. The digital navigator told Sophia that there would be free technical help at the event. So she didn’t have to worry about figuring out the new computer on her own.

At the Goodwill Connect gifting event, Sophia received her free laptop. The program’s digital navigator worked one-on-one with her to show her how to use it. Sophia was excited to continue writing her book. She would spend hours on her old, broken computer trying to put her book on a thumb drive. Her old computer had many issues and one of them was recognizing the thumb drive. So the program’s navigator showed Sophia how to connect the thumb drive and transfer the book over to it.

Sophia was so grateful for the support she got from the Goodwill Connect program. She felt like she was heard and not judged for the struggles she had. She felt like she not only got digital support, but support for her passion.

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