Terri finds employment and fulfillment with help from Goodwill

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Terri didn’t feel fulfilled with life. She didn’t have much to do but sit around. She was very shy and didn’t feel confident in herself.

She wanted to overcome her shyness and find a job. But she wasn’t sure what to do to start a job. She knew she needed help. So, she reached out to a friend who got employment help from Goodwill.

Her friend suggested that Terri meet with a Goodwill employment specialist. So, she did. Terri visited Goodwill’s Workforce & Family Services office to see what help she could get. She explained her goals to the employment specialist. Her main goal was to not be afraid of meeting people.

Getting a hand up

The employment specialist helped Terri fill out the proper paperwork for the Department of Health and Welfare to get a referral to Goodwill. She got approved and enrolled in Goodwill’s Medicaid Supported Employment. This program helps people find out the skills they have and what skills they need to learn for a job. The specialist told her that they would work at her own pace and ease into meeting new people on the job.

Discovering fulfillment

As Terri began working at Goodwill, she felt more fulfilled every day. She met new people and started to overcome her shyness. It felt great to connect with people and she felt like Goodwill gave her a reason to get up in the morning.

Having a regular work routine helped Terri become more confident and independent. She gained faith in herself to do her job well and handle anything thrown her way.

Learning there’s more to life

Terri is grateful for the support she got from Goodwill. She is happy for the chance to meet new people and learn new skills. She gained greater self-esteem and independence. Her life is more fun since getting help from Goodwill. “I found that there was so much more to life than just staying at home watching TV.”

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