The Goodwill Connect program helps Dorita get connected to the digital world

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Dorita struggles with her vision. Pages, signs, and screens were difficult for her to see. Because of these issues, she stopped going to college. She felt discouraged to continue because the text was so hard for her to read. She didn’t know what support she could get.

The time came when she needed the internet. She needed her life to be more organized and felt a computer might help her. But she didn’t have a computer or internet access. Her income was limited, so buying a new computer was out of the question. Surely there had to be help for her. She couldn’t be the only one that needed help getting a computer.

A program with digital support

Dorita started asking around her community about resources and where she might be able to use a computer. Then someone told her about Goodwill and the services they provide. One of the programs that she learned about was the Goodwill Connect program. She learned that the program’s goal is to help people get access to the internet.

She took down the hotline number, 1-844-GWCONNECT, and decided to give them a call. She spoke with a digital navigator from the program. Then she signed up to take part in a meeting where she would learn computer basics. When she met with the navigator, she learned that she was eligible to receive a free Chromebook.

Personalized help

But Dorita still struggled with her vision. She couldn’t see the text on the screen very well. This made it difficult for her to navigate through the different screens. So, the navigator spent some one-on-one time to show her how to use the computer and change settings to fit her needs. Dorita learned how to adjust the text size so it would be larger and easier for her to read. She was so relieved to learn that she could customize her new computer to be more accessible for her.

Since getting help from the Goodwill Connect program, Dorita feels more comfortable and confident with technology. Now she can better organize her life and surf the web to stay connected with the digital world. Her favorite thing about her new computer is using it when she is cooking. Not only can she look up new recipes online, but she can read large text with ease. She’s very grateful for the support she got from Goodwill and said, “Arielle is truly a jewel and an angel on Earth.”

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