Things come full circle for Kevin with Goodwill’s help

For years, Kevin was homeless. He lived in his van in a parking lot near a friend’s house. The van was operational, but he couldn’t legally drive it. Kevin’s driver’s license was void because of a medical condition that causes unpredictable seizures. It was too dangerous for him to drive, not knowing when a seizure would happen. 

Each day was a mystery for Kevin. He never knew how it would begin and end. He focused on living one day at a time. During the cold months, he would bundle up in as many layers as he could. He couldn’t always fight off the freezing temperatures that made it very difficult to sleep.  

Taking a step to make a change

So, Kevin met with an outreach specialist from Goodwill’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF). SSVF helps veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless find stable housing. Their focus is on rapid rehousing. They help with things like rental deposits, application fees, and rental payments. 

Relief and stability

The SSVF team found an apartment for Kevin shortly after he entered the program. The apartment was within walking distance of a bus stop. This was a huge help to Kevin since he can’t drive. Goodwill helped with the security deposit and two months of rent for the apartment. Their next mission is to get Kevin a housing voucher that will help him with long-term housing stability. 

Goodwill’s SSVF team also helped Kevin with essential needs like a bed, furniture, and a move-in kit. The move-in kit has items like a microwave, dishes, bedding, and cleaning items. Helping a veteran into housing requires more than just placing someone into a new home. It is SSVF’s goal to support veterans with the necessary items to help with stability and independence. 

Opportunity to focus on self care

Since getting help from Goodwill, Kevin can focus on getting a job and reconnecting with his passion to create art. He doesn’t have to worry about the cold, freezing temperatures. He can stretch out on a bed for a full night’s sleep in a warm, safe environment. He can make his own food and relax. 

Kevin is very grateful for the support he got from Goodwill. When he became homeless five years ago, he slept behind a Goodwill store that very first night. He feels like things have come full circle and is grateful that Goodwill has been there to help him. 

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