2021 Program Highlights: Employment

Impact Report 2021:
  • A word from President/CEO Clark Brekke and Chair of the Board of Directors Bridget Barrington
  • How we help people build independence
Who we helped:
  • Who we served by age
  • Who we served by ethnicity
  • Who we served by gender
2021 Program Highlights:
  • Basic Food, Employment and Training: BFET connects Kevin with a job
  • Building Independence: 2021 Independence Award Winner: Toby
  • Building Financial Stability: Goodwill’s Representative Payee Program helped 1,252 in 2021.
2021 Program Highlights: Employment
  • Finding jobs in the community: Joshua finds a job he loves
  • 2021 Independence Award Winner: Ben
2021 Program Highlights: Housing
  • Housing and Essential Needs (HEN): Matthew works hard to shelter his family
  • Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF): Kohl uses help from SSVF to get stable housing for his family
  • Goodwill’s SSVF program awarded additional funding in 2021
How we helped the Environment in 2021

Finding jobs in the community:

Joshua Finds a Job He Loves

Joshua came to Goodwill in 2015. He had graduated high school, and he wanted to earn money.

Dee, the assistant manager, Joshua, and Bryan, the general manager, work together at Taco Bell

Goodwill’s employment program helped Joshua get ready to find a job. With help from a job coach, Joshua created a resume and an email account. He practiced a lot with Goodwill staff for interviews. Goodwill helped Joshua get a food handlers card, set up interviews, and get some work clothing.

Joshua has worked with Goodwill’s employment program for six years. He has had three great jobs. He was hired at Taco Bell in May 2021. Joshua takes orders, helps customers use the kiosk, and rings them up. Joshua likes working with customers and co-workers. And he likes being a part of a team.

“I like that Goodwill helped me find a job so I could make new friends,” Joshua said.

Joshua wants to stay at his job. Eventually, he wants to move into his own apartment.

Bryan, the general manager at the Taco Bell where Joshua works, said that Joshua has a positive attitude, is willing to learn, fast to catch on, and provides excellent customer service.

Joshua said, “Because Goodwill helped me, I have the ability to work now.”

JJ celebrated his work anniversary at Taco Bell on June 4, 2022. He is doing great. He is training and growing in his position. In May 2022, JJ said he was interested in trying the Taco Bell team lead training. He passed three test modules with several more hours of video trainings to complete. This training prepares the floor lead in training new hires, stocking, ordering and prepping food, including recipes and fry cook. Dee, JJ’s manager, has been coaching him through the steps. She is positive and supportive. JJ is reliable, flexible, and shows motivation to take on responsibilities.

Goodwill’s 2021 Independence Award Winner: Ben

A man wearing a mask and a blue shirt holds a glass award.
Ben is Goodwill’s 2021 Independence Award Winner

Ben has a ton of heart, incredible focus, and a passion to grow and meet goals. He’s learned a lot on the job within the laundry department at Kootenai Medical Center. He has an energy and sense of humor that is fun to be around.

Ben is admired for his dependability and people skills. He changes the energy in a room simply by showing up. He is the kind of guy that wears his mood on his shoulders, and it’s usually brighter than the heavens.

Ben also has an incredible knowledge of classic rock and most music in general. His case manager describes him as “a walking Shazam.” In addition to his fine taste and love for music, he is a Batman superfan. To Ben, there is no superhero greater.

Those who work with Ben think he’s fantastic. They appreciate Ben’s bright energy, kindness to others, and passion for life.

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