Helping our community.

Goodwill is helping improve our communities through an impact on people, the economy, and the environment.

The People

In 2022, our local Goodwill served 4,826 people.

As one of the largest charities in the region, our programs work in our back yard to improve the quality of life for thousands of men, women, and youth in eastern Washington and northern Idaho each year. We help people gain independence and hope through job training and employment, housing support, and financial stability services.

Since 2008, our Goodwill has served more than 60,000 people locally.

The Economy

In 2022, our Goodwill reinvested $45,502,456 back into our region.

Goodwill earns revenue from the sale of donated goods, which is then reinvested to support our programs. We do not have shareholders or investors, so no one is profiting from our stores and ecommerce sales. Instead, those funds go to our programs. We also invest back into our communities through wages paid to our employees and participants, leases, contracts with vendors, taxes, etc. 

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