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A man wearing a black t shirt is smiling at the camera. The background is a dark blue solid color. Programs
Steven’s Story: Finding Hope and Stability with Goodwill’s Help
Steven didn’t have the best of luck. He found himself without a home. He tried
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A woman's hands are mid-motion on a laptop keyboard. Another woman's hands hold a cell phone. Programs
Jayme gained better computer skills & tech knowledge with Goodwill’s help
Jayme found the digital world difficult to keep up with. She used her mobile phone
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Goodwill helps Cole get a job for after high school
Cole is a high school student and wanted to start building work experience. He needed
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An ethnic man is sitting on a blue couch in an office, holding a children's book and smiling at the camera. News & Events
Team member, Donzell, illustrates new children’s book
Donzell is currently a production associate at our downtown Spokane location. He has been a
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A woman's hands are resting on a laptop keyboard. Programs
Goodwill helps Anita find an affordable computer for her education
Anita wanted to finish her education. But she found it difficult to keep up her
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An American flag posted to a home in a neighborhood. Programs
Michael gets a new home with help from Goodwill
Michael shared living space in a home with several others. The home’s owner had to
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A glass door with the words "Goodwill Workforce & Family Services" in white. Programs
A new job and confidence for Janet with Goodwill’s help
https://youtu.be/cUl536Zl30g Janet needed a job. She struggled to keep one for very long. Her confidence
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A woman wearing a plaid blue blouse is sitting at a table in an office and smiling at the camera. Programs
Goodwill helps Diana be successful and confident at a job she loves
Diana struggled to find work. She was shy and didn’t have much experience. She tried
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Goodbye Winter Special
Say goodbye to winter but hello to your closet! Save 50% off all winter items
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Two hands hold a stack of folded sweaters that sit atop a box with a handwritten sign that says "donate". Programs
Amy’s shopping and donation destination, Goodwill, offers digital support.
Amy shopped at Goodwill for many years and knew that her purchases supported social services
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Terri finds employment and fulfillment with help from Goodwill
Terri didn’t feel fulfilled with life. She didn’t have much to do but sit around.
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Digital Learning Programs
Life is easier for Leanna with Goodwill in her corner
Leanna struggled with homelessness until she got help from Goodwill’s Housing and Essential Needs (HEN)
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A man wearing a knitted cap and glasses is looking at the camera. He is outside during a gray, overcast day. Programs
Things come full circle for Kevin with Goodwill’s help
For years, Kevin was homeless. He lived in his van in a parking lot near
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A woman's hand is hovering over the keyboard of a laptop computer. A computer mouse sits nearby. Programs
Goodwill helps Alexandria with a free laptop computer
Alexandria was down on her luck. Her wallet and phone had been stolen. There was
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two women are at a desk with a laptop open in front of them. They are smiling at the camera. Programs
Sophia finds support for her passion from Goodwill’s Connect program
Sophia was writing a book. It was hard for her to make progress at an
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A group of square beads with letters on them are lined together and spell out the word "independence". Programs
Lindsey is more confident, independent, secure and self-sufficient thanks to Goodwill’s help
Lindsey needed support in most areas of her life. She needed help with making and
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A laptop with an employment application on the screen. Programs
Goodwill helps lift weight off of Christy’s shoulders
Christy wasn’t satisfied with how her life was going. She spent a lot of time
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A Google Chromebook sits on a table with the screen black. Programs
Tyler gains communication skills and connects to the digital world with Goodwill’s help
Tyler found communicating difficult. It wasn’t easy for him to talk to people face-to-face. He
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A girl wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue lanyard and glasses smiles at the camera. She stands in between racks of clothing. Programs
Goodwill helps Amy find a job she’s passionate about
Amy was finishing her last year of high school. She was excited to find a
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The Goodwill Connect program helps Dorita get connected to the digital world
Dorita struggles with her vision. Pages, signs, and screens were difficult for her to see.
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