A Home for Healing: Goodwill’s Role in Josh’s Recovery

Josh had a difficult time with addiction. After years of struggling with substance abuse, he decided to find help and turn his life around. But he learned that recovery was not easy. He needed a place to turn to that felt safe and he needed stable housing. This became an important part in his healing process. Josh found the support he needed to rebuild his life in Goodwill’s Foundational Community Supports (FCS) program.

Goodwill’s FCS program helps people who are struggling to find stable housing and employment. The FCS team helps people connect with property managers and employers in the community. And they can teach people tools to help them be more successful at work. By addressing housing needs, Goodwill makes sure that people in their program have a solid foundation to work on their recovery goals.

How Goodwill Helped Transform Josh’s Life

Josh’s life took a turn for the better when he connected with Goodwill’s FCS program. He got placed into recovery housing at an Oxford House. The Oxford House program is a group of recovery homes. The residents take turns serving as leaders in the home, and each pays an equal share of the house expense. But Josh didn’t have a job and worried about paying his portion. Goodwill gave Josh rent support so he could remain in stable housing and continue to focus on his recovery.

When Josh was ready to take his next step toward stability and independence, FCS helped him find a job and prepare for the interview. After Josh got a job, Goodwill helped him get clothes for work.

Why Stable Housing Matters in Recovery

Having a stable home is important for people in recovery. The constant struggle for basic needs such as food and shelter can put their recovery on the back burner. This makes it difficult to stay on track with recovery goals.

Stable housing gives people a space where they can feel calm, think about their journey, and develop good habits. And it helps people to set up a support network, connect with their communities, and access resources for their recovery.

Stable housing made a huge difference in Josh’s life. Goodwill’s FCS program gave him the stability and resources he needed to begin his journey to achieve lasting recovery.

By addressing the housing needs of those who need help, Goodwill is making an impact on local lives, one person at a time. Josh said, “Without Goodwill, my life would be much harder. Because Goodwill helped me overcome my challenges, I can now inspire others to do well in their recovery, too.”

Goodwill’s Mission to Help People in Need

Goodwill’s FCS program is just one of the many programs that help support people in need. In addition to housing help, Goodwill offers employment training and placement services. Through these programs, Goodwill helps to empower people and create lasting positive change in their lives.

How to Get Involved and Support Goodwill’s Mission

If you want to support Goodwill’s mission and help people like Josh, one of the simplest ways is to donate to Goodwill. Donations sold in our stores help support our programs in eastern Washington and north Idaho. Click here to find a Goodwill location near you.

You can also make a financial donation to Goodwill. Click here to donate online to Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest.

Together, we create opportunities that change lives and strengthen communities. To be a part of this work, consider joining our Workforce & Family Services team. Click here for a list of available positions.

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