A new job and confidence for Janet with Goodwill’s help

Janet needed a job. She struggled to keep one for very long. Her confidence and self-worth dropped. And her interactions with other people changed. She needed encouragement. But she didn’t know where to find it.

Then, someone told her about the employment services that Goodwill offers. Janet learned that there is an employment program at Goodwill that could help her find a job. She knew that if she got a job and kept a job, she could get her confidence back.

Taking the leap

Janet visited Goodwill’s Workforce & Family Services office in Lewiston, Idaho. She met with an employment specialist. Together, they worked on developing a schedule. Janet would visit her employment specialist one or two times a week. Janet was determined to show her commitment.

The employment specialist worked with Janet on how to apply for jobs online. They also focused on hygiene and interview techniques. She soaked up all the new skills. Janet’s behavior and grooming improved and her attendance was excellent. She always arrived on time or a bit early for every appointment. Janet put in the work at home, too. When she found potential job opportunities, she applied online at home.

Passing the test

Her confidence grew the more she worked with Goodwill’s employment specialist. She was inspired to visit the Salvation Army Thrift Store and ask the manager for a Worksite evaluation. A Worksite evaluation is a hands-on assessment that helps someone discover the skills they have that can apply to a job and what skills they need to build.

The manager was familiar with Goodwill’s employment services. So, they called the employment specialist and agreed to schedule the assessment. Janet completed the assessment and was encouraged to apply for a job there. She was so grateful and felt a whole new level of self-confidence.

Janet is thankful for Goodwill’s support. She’s happy that she took the steps to connect with the employment services. If she hadn’t, she said “I would be staying home, doing nothing. Without Goodwill, I would not have a job. They helped me prove to employers that I could be a good employee.”

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