From Disaster to New Hope: Goodwill’s Support for Emma

Emma has been an important part of our team at the Coeur d’Alene Goodwill store for eleven years. She is employed through Goodwill’s Extended Employment Program. This program helps people who need support with on-the-job skills and training.

A Sudden Setback: Emma Faces Homelessness

In 2023, Emma faced a big challenge. Her apartment flooded and there was a lot of damage. This left her without a place to live. She found temporary housing with another Goodwill team member. But she lost all her belongings in the water damage.

Goodwill’s Hand Up, a Lifeline in Times of Crisis

Goodwill stepped in to help Emma during this tough time. Staff encouraged her to request help through our Good Life Program. Goodwill Round Up funds were used to take Emma shopping to buy essential items such as shoes, clothing, and a backpack. This ensured she had what she needed to keep working.

Stability and Gratitude

Thanks to Goodwill’s help, and that of our Round Up donors, Emma not only kept her job but also regained stability in her life. She got a new home and had the everyday necessities that everyone deserves.

“I really appreciate Goodwill doing that and helping me out in my time of need,” Emma said. “It was thoughtful that they went above and beyond for someone who works for them.”

Emma’s story shows the power of support and resilience. Goodwill’s commitment to their team members not only helped Emma overcome a crisis but also allowed her to continue contributing to the community through her work. Clark Brekke, President/CEO for Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest says that he is proud of Emma for her courage. He’s also proud that Goodwill supports its team members with a compassionate hand up!

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