Goodwill helps Gerrit gain stable housing

Gerrit struggled with alcohol abuse. He wanted to get clean and stay clean. So he put himself in a drug and alcohol recovery program. He stayed focused and on track with the program. Over time, he completed the program and moved into a sober living home. He shared this home with eight other people. It wasn’t always easy to share space with that many people. But Gerrit was grateful to have a home.

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Then he started a full-time job. He started saving money to move into his own place. The thought of having his own unshared space motivated him to work hard. He wanted to stay financially responsible. So he searched for homes within his budget. And he needed a place that was close to his work. His search seemed never ending.

Discovering a support system

Gerrit knew he needed some help to find stable and affordable housing. He heard about Goodwill housing programs and the services they provide. So he visited Goodwill and spoke to a Foundational Community Supports (FCS) housing program case manager.

This case manager worked to find an apartment that was within Gerrit’s budget. And then they got a promising lead. The case manager helped Gerrit fill out the rental application. After speaking with the property manager, Gerrit got approved and moved into his own place. After moving in, Gerrit’s case manager helped him order a bed and mattress online. Then they helped him set up autopay for his rent.

Staying on a sober path

Gerrit wanted to stay sober, have a steady income, and have stable housing. He was always willing to put in the hard work. And he knew it was okay to ask for help. He is thankful for the support he got from Goodwill and his FCS case manager. Without Goodwill’s help, he would still be sharing a small space with many people in the sober living home.

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