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A woman wearing glasses and a denim button up shirt is sitting at a park bench and smiling at the camera. Programs
Chriselda found peace, thanks to Goodwill’s support
Chriselda struggled with substance abuse for many years. She was homeless in Tri-Cities, Washington. It ...
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News & Events
Calling all Trunks!
Join the fun! Sign up to be a trunk at one or both of our upcoming trunk-or-treat events.
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A woman holds a red marker and is circling job listings in a newspaper on a coffee table. Programs
Goodwill helped Donna learn new skills that she can apply to a new job
Donna is a stay-at-home, single parent to two teenagers. One of her children has special ...
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A man wearing jeans, a dark blue t-shirt and a ball cap is sitting on the front steps of an apartment building, smiling at the camera. Programs
Goodwill helps Gerrit gain stable housing
Gerrit struggled with alcohol abuse. He wanted to get clean and stay clean. So he ...
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A woman is sitting in an office chair at a desk with empty hangers on it. She is smiling at the camera. Programs
Carla found value, purpose, and motivation through Goodwill
Carla was not happy with her life. She felt like life was passing her by. ...
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A man wearing a cap and glasses is standing in a room with computers and smiles at the camera. Programs
SSVF helps Dennis and his wife get a home they can call their own
Dennis is a Navy veteran from Spokane. He took care of his wife, who was ...
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Podcast Episode 4: Employment Programs and Secondhand September
This episode of “What’s Good, Goodwill?” features Program Manager Junior Gonzalez and secondhand shopping guru Rachel.
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A woman with platinum blonde hair, wearing a black tank top shirt stands in front of a large green bush smiling with her right hand on her hip. Programs
Tina got help from services she can count on, thanks to Goodwill
Tina was homeless and lived in her car. In May 2021, she was in a ...
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An elderly man wearing a long sleeved plaid button up shirt and thick dark rimmed glasses stands on an outdoor balcony and smiles at the camera. Programs
Goodwill helps John manage his freedom
John spent 25 years in prison. It was bittersweet when he got released in August ...
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A woman wearing a red shirt and glasses resting on the top of her hair is sitting at a counter in a modest apartment kitchen and smiles at the camera. Programs
Lorri gets her comfort back thanks to Goodwill
Lorri was comfortable, living in an apartment that she liked. She worked full-time. But due ...
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Danny finds fulfillment, success, and independence
Life was boring and lonely for Danny. He needed fulfillment and looked to Goodwill for ...
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News & Events
Goodwill Neighbor Days July 22 & 23
Goodwill has been helping people in our community for more than 80 years. On July ...
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A building with the words "Workforce and Family Services" and a smiling "G" Goodwill logo on the top front. The building is against a light blue sky background. Programs
Goodwill’s HEN program helps Elmer off the street and in a home
After prison, Elmer lived on the streets for five or six years. He struggled to ...
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A man is standing on a porch, holding a coffee cup and looking and smiling at the camera. Programs
Goodwill’s SSVF program finds Terry a home
For more than 30 years, Terry battled homelessness. He was a drifter and loved life ...
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News & Events
Podcast Episode 2: Goodwill Digital Connections
What’s Good? We’d like to tell you. The answer is career resources! Goodwill offers a ...
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A woman holds a small dog and stands in a modest kitchen. Programs
Goodwill helps Trina find a place she can call home
Trina worried about living in a small house with four adult family members. The space ...
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Goodwill helps Dean gain stronger communication skills
Dean struggles with health issues. He has limited language abilities. It was difficult for him ...
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A man wearing a blue work vest with the word "Goodwill" on it, stands with his left hand gripping a textiles rack with empty hangers on it. He is smiling. Programs
Drew gains stability by getting a job at Goodwill
Before coming to Goodwill, Drew’s life was carefree and careless, but he needed more. He ...
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A woman wearing a blue Goodwill vest is standing next to a shelf of donated goods, smiling at the camera. Programs
Keely overcomes barriers and builds work experience
  Keely had little work experience. She needs a walker and has trouble reaching and ...
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News & Events
Podcast: What’s Good with the Housing and Essential Needs Program (HEN)?
How does HEN help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless? Listen ...
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