Podcast Episode 5: Veteran Services at Goodwill


Veterans can get help with housing and income stability at Goodwill

What’s Good?

The answer is help for veterans and their families who need stable housing. Since 2013, Goodwill has helped over 1,900 veteran families with things like: 

  • Stable housing 
  • Move-in supplies 
  • Employment  
  • Increased income 
  • Access to benefits and health care 

Goodwill provides these services to veterans and their families in the following counties: 

In Washington: 

  • Spokane County 
  • Stevens County 
  • Lincoln County 
  • Ferry County 
  • Pend Oreille County 
  • Whitman County 

In Idaho: 

  • Kootenai County 
  • Shoshone County 
  • Benewah County 
  • Bonner County 
  • Latah County 

This episode of “What’s Good, Goodwill?” features outreach team members and case managers from Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program. You’ll hear from Don Gillespie, Don Morrison, Tom Smith, and Cailin Carpenter as they talk about what SSVF does.  

Listen in as they share about how SSVF works with the VA and other community partners for rapid rehousing services and other essential needs. They’ll talk about the helpline for homeless veterans and other available services for anyone who needs help. 

featured Guests

Don Morrison
Don Gillespie
Tom Smith

Help is available for veterans! 

Some veterans think they don’t deserve help. They don’t think their service to their country qualifies them for help. Some of them don’t look for help because they think that other veterans are “more deserving.” 

We want to help any veteran who needs a hand up. Veterans can call 1-509-828-2449 to find out if they qualify 

Did you know? 

Veterans with a dishonorable discharge can work with SSVF to try to change their discharge type if they feel they were discharged with the wrong status. 

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