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What's Good, Goodwill?

For people who are interested in learning about and partnering with Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest. 

Join the cycle for good as What’s Good, Goodwill? co-hosts Alicia, Michelle, and Teresa hear from local voices in eastern Washington and north Idaho, chat with community partners, share shopping tips, talk thrift and sustainability…it’s almost more good than one podcast can handle. What’s Good, Goodwill? is published monthly on the first Wednesday.

Now celebrating our second season everywhere you listen to podcasts!


S1E1: Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) JUNE 1, 2022 • DURATION 17:17

What’s Good, Goodwill? podcast hosts Alicia and Michelle sat down with Jenn, Christina, and Kim from the Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) program to learn more about the program. Join us as we chat about how the HEN program can not only help you with housing but also connect you with other resources such as bus passes, help with job applications, and more. Be inspired to take the next step as Christina shares Matt’s, a HEN program participant, story. 

S1E2: Digital Connections JULY 6, 2022 • DURATION 14:43

What’s Good, Goodwill? podcast hosts Alicia and Michelle sat down with James from the Spokane Career and Resource Center and Arielle from the Goodwill Connect program. Ready to hear about free digital skills, job searching, and computer classes? Take a listen to learn about free classes offered at Goodwill Workforce and Family Services locations (offered in Spokane, Colville, and Moses Lake). Get helpful resources, and find out how to sign up for the Goodwill Connect program in Washington. 

S1E3: Thrill of Thrifting August 3, 2022 • DURATION 19:02

What’s Good, Goodwill? podcast hosts Michelle and Teresa sat down with Heather Alexander, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, and Lauren Erikson, @fakefreckles. Celebrate with us as we talk about a 2022 Goodwill Industries International award winner from our area, Wes Sawyer. Learn from Heather about what happens when you donate and shop at Goodwill. Take notes as Lauren, our local Spokane Secondhand Shopping Guru, chats about tips and her favorite Goodwill finds.

S1E4: How Secondhand and Employment Formed Goodwill SEPTEMBER 7, 2022 • DURATION 20:36

What’s Good, Goodwill? podcast hosts Alicia and Michelle sat down with Junior, Workforce and Family Services Idaho Program Manager, and Rachel, Inspirsession on Instagram and TikTok. Hear how Goodwill was first started in 1902. Find out why secondhand shopping is so closely tied with employment programs at Goodwill. Learn from Junior about how employment programs offer more than just “employment” skills and placement. Take notes as Rachel, our Secondhand Shopping Guru, chats about Secondhand September. New to thrifting/secondhand shopping? This episode is for you!

S1E5: The SSVF Program: Bringing Veterans Home November 2, 2022 • DURATION 34:56

What’s Good, Goodwill? podcast hosts Alicia and Michelle sat down with Don, Don, and Tom from the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) Program. Hear how Don, an outreach specialist, heads out into the community and reaches out to homeless veterans and social services providers. Learn how Don and Tom, case managers, work with veterans to get them rapidly re-housed, connected with much-needed home goods and supplies, and how they work one on one with veterans to find the services, medical care, and other programs they need to thrive. SSVF eastern WA & north ID Hotline: 509-828-2449

December 7, 2022 • DURATION 21:17

1939-2022: Celebrate 83 years of creating opportunities in the Inland Northwest with us as we talk about our past and present. What’s Good, Goodwill? podcast hosts Alicia and Michelle sat with Clark Brekke, Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest President and CEO, to discuss his 30th anniversary at Goodwill. Hear inspiring 2022 program success stories from Braden Fish, VP of Mission and Workforce Development, Doug Ross, Associate Vice President of Information Technology, Rebecca Severtsen-Rea, Associate Vice President of Finance, and Wade Rooks, Director of Human Resources.

S2E1: New Year, New Good Opportunities January 4, 2023 • DURATION 14:26

We’re back for season two! What’s Good, Goodwill? podcast hosts Alicia and Michelle are excited to share early 2023 news. We sat with Clark Brekke, Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest President and CEO, and Braden Fish, VP of Mission to learn why 2023 will be an exciting time to join our team. Looking for a new job? We share the “good” about working at Goodwill. Ready to be inspired? Listen as we talk with David, a Goodwill program participant, as he talks about his success. 

S2E2: Love is in the Air February 1, 2023 • DURATION 20:54

What’s Good, Goodwill? podcast hosts Alicia and Michelle grabbed their podcasting gear and left the What’s Good Media Studio behind! Join us as our team headed out to find out what our team members love about Goodwill, their teams, shenanigans, and the good that’s happening across our NW BLVD store in Spokane, Washington, our Retail Operations and E-Commerce teams, and our Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF) team at their new office. 

S2E3: Soaring to New Heights March 1, 2023 • DURATION 25:26

What’s Good, Goodwill? podcast hosts Alicia and Michelle hit the road for Airway Heights, Washington! Join us as we caught up with our retail operations team, Clark Brekke, President and CEO of Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest, Baker Construction and Development, and Bernardo Wills on the site of our newest retail and outlet store. Learn about why Airway Heights, our partnerships, what you can expect, and what outlet shopping is.

S2E4: Spring into Digital Skills Classes Scheduled for April 5, 2023  

What’s Good, Goodwill? podcast hosts Alicia and Michelle shake off the winter chill and roll up their sleeves for springtime. Join us as we talk about Goodwill on the Hill. What is it and why is it important to our mission and the communities we serve in eastern Washington and north Idaho. Learn about the free digital skills classes we offer in Moses Lake, Colville, and Spokane, Washington from one of our digital skills instructors, Mike. 




I am a professional photographer who enjoys capturing all kinds of smiles in and outside of Goodwill. I’m quite fresh on the scene here at Goodwill and look forward to making you laugh and smile from my storytelling and bad puns. 

I’ve got a smile that shines brighter than the top of the Chrysler building, quick wit, and charisma that never quits. You can find me gathering content to spread success stories throughout the community or sharing my skills as the self-proclaimed World Boggle Champion.

I enjoy connecting with people and look forward to connecting with our community on What’s Good, Goodwill?


Powered by Chai, I’m a secondhand whisperer who loves the thrill of the Goodwill hunt and am a one-person cheer squad while shopping with other people.

At Halloween, you can find me diving into Goodwill clothing racks, and spreading the good word about how to create sustainable Halloween costumes. I love showing how anything can be glammed up, repurposed, and reused. 

Fan of all clothing with pockets, I can not wait to share tips and tricks, secondhand craft projects, encouraging bad dad jokes, and of course, sharing good stories that will have you reaching for your tissue box.


A recently replanted Spokane native, I’m chomping at the bit to encourage our community to recycle and upcycle whenever possible. A lovely piece of upcycled furniture or art piece makes fabulous gifts.

You can find me busy planning events for Goodwill, whether for our wonderful team members or community outreach to help folks in need.  

I love finding new board games at our stores, it’s a great way to try them out. I haven’t played Boggle in years, but I will annihilate anyone at Pictionary, Balderdash, or Trivial Pursuit.

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